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Spending between $50k - $1000k a year on business travel ?

If this sounds like your business and you would like to save time and money on business travel, why not talk to us
about a simple account set up that will give you access to us great hotel rates and air fares with minimal fuss.

Whether booking business travel online or via a consultant, your travel bookers will be guided towards the option
that best supports your travel policy when they call, promoting the availability of your own negotiated rates.

We include -

  • Traveller profiles – CWT’s online profile management system enables travellers’ details to be securely stored,
    ensuring a faster and more accurate booking experience, followed by a smooth and stress free journey.

  • Emergency assistance – 24-hour emergency customer service is available for travellers.

  • Reporting – Monitor your travel expenditure, trends, spend patterns and even set your own targets to drive
    even greater savings using the our reporting tool.

Benefits -

  • Lowest Service fee and fastest and better service.

  • Book online or over the telephone.

  • Rewards for Air Travel.

  • Special rate, up to 30% lower than published for ground transportation.

  • Complimentary access to airport lounges.

  • All your travel and visa needs serviced centrally.

  • Special rates, up to 40% lower than published, with extras, such as breakfast and Wi-Fi, you won’t get

  • 24-hour emergency traveller assistance, tracking capabilities and security alerts.

  • Reporting capabilities to track your spending and carbon emissions.

  • Saved traveller profiles speed up bookings and reduce errors.

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