7 Key Areas
We have identified eight key areas of effective travel management and targeted initiatives for each that have helped
clients worldwide develop travel programs that best respond to their company’s specific needs, challenges, and
objectives. We drive savings while keeping travelers safe, productive and happy while on the road.

We can help you to save up to 15% by managing your travel needs -

  1. Travelers services - Provide the right services and assistance to travelers, and optimize transaction

  • We help you to find right balance between online and offline services, Which service configurations are most
    relevant to your company, traveler services that bring value to the travel program and what are the best
    practices in travel and expense management.

   2. Consolidations -  Further consolidate travel programs.

  • We are a global company and thanks for our global negotiation powers, we can always get you the best
    negotiated prices for your air, hotel, car rental and package needs.

   3. Hotel - Tackle hotel spend in a disciplined and professional manner.

  • We can negotiate from small hotel groups to the big hotel chains and help you to reduce the cost of your hotel
    spending. In addition, you can traveler enjoy upgrades, complimentary breakfast and free Wifi.
  • Hotel makes around 40% of the travel cost and it is one of the key element.

    4. Air Transportation -  Continuously monitoring air transportation spend remains key for driving savings.

  • We help you to monitor traveler behaviour, change travel, identify travel pattern and then by limiting the
    preferred number of suppliers, we can achieve larger volume based discounts. In addition, we concentrate on
    other available options and find the right balance between negotiated fares and other available options.
  • In addition to the airfare, we can negotiate on other conditions of the air ticket which not only drive savings but
    makes the travel more flexible and rewarding.

   5. Ground Transportation - Ground transportation makes 10% of the travel budget.

  • Air transportation receives greatest attention from the travel managers but opportunities for further savings
    exist. Ground transportation which includes rail, car rental, chauffeur driven cars and taxi services is often a
    low priority, although it represents 10 percent of the total travel budget.
  • We provide chauffeur driven cars to our clients on very competitive prices which makes them the best option
    and help them to cut the travel budget while increasing the quality of the service.
  • We have an ability to negotiate volume based prices with the best car rental suppliers in the market.
  • We can identify the main routes where rail is an alternate to the air.

   6. Security - Better safe than sorry.

  • Disaster Response plan - Every traveler needs to know what to do in the event of emergency. We provide
    24/7 emergency support, including holidays, for information and assistance pertaining to any situation they are
  • Traveler tracking - Every company should know the location of their travelers in case of emergency. We
    provide web based traveler tracking and reporting services. We have an ability to incorporate your existing
    emergency policies as well. Tracking travelers and informing them immediately buys precious time in an
  • Travel Alerts - We provide travel alerts to our clients and this can be included into the package.
  • We believe that even the most mature travel risk management program can be improved by feedback after
    every emergency. Companies must determine if the situation could have been avoided or better handled.

   7. Reporting and Management - Reporting and management is one of the most important key element.

  • We provide web based reporting to our clients and it is a key element to identify all other key elements and
    drive cost savings.
  • Most of the travel managers does not come from travel industry. We can provide basic training to your staff
    members which will give them better understanding of the travel industry and policy. It is very helpful in making
    long term savings by providing training to your staff.
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